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Another victim of the newspaper industry downsizing, after 22 years of Goss Community Press work I find myself at a different job at the helm of a DI 34 Digital Press. So far just printing on gloss paper. Press was bought second hand and apparently was very dirty when they got it. They tried it for awhile using people they that never had printing experience. Scratched plates, poor color were some of the problems. I've been given the opportunity to run the press and it will be my baby only, if it works out they will get a better newer press.

1. I had a serious hickey problem on my 3rd job...stopped way too many times to wipe plates. More hickies on that run than 22 years on the Goss by a country mile!

I cleaned a couple of rollers that I could get out and that seemed to help on the next run the next day. But still, the hickey's came back too often I think. Solutions? Ideas? Still need to clean in the clamps, guards and other places, pretty dusty with lint in there. Plus I also saw a couple of blades on the roller cleaning trays look in rough shape.

2. No working Desitometer...have to get new batteries... what's a good number to shoot for on the color bars when I do get batteries?

3. What's the way to turn on the AI color tracking?

4. Do you take the ink out of the wells on the weekends? I'm hearing differing stories, some every day? They have a spray in a can to help with skinning on the ink.

Seems to print darker at the start...always lightening the keys, FR and ductor cycle number.
Take it easy on me as I've only done a few runs on the press and know nothing about sheetfed.


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Coldset web (SNAP) prints on newsprint (groundwood) uncoated.
Density are very low, K1.05, C&M .90, Y.85.
Gloss coated paper has more holdout, less absorbent.
Solid Ink Density (SID) may be about K1.80, C&M 1.35, Y1.00.
Target is GRACoL & G7 from IDEAlliance, which uses ISO 12647-2.

Only "Rubber" base inks stay open over night, but not over a weekend.
The "No-Skin" spray will help for over night, but not for over the weekend.


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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