Digital Press Conundrum


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I don't think I've ever seen a manufacturer post a rated click life for a machine. They can go for 10's of millions if you take care of them and replace parts. And to correct your previous post, there is no 1252, there was a 1052 (105ppm) and a 1250 (125ppm). While the 951 may look similar, it is a lower amperage engine and will not print on coated sheets, plus it doesn't offer vacuum feed like the 1052 and 1250...but it is still a very reliable unit. The Pro 1100 replaced the 951 around 2018...and it still doesn't support coated sheets. KM manufactures parts for a minimum of 7 years after last year sold. The 1052 and 1250 were replaced about a year after the 951 (in 2019) by the 6120 (120ppm) and the 6136 (136ppm).

We ran into an insurance thing last year and Xerox said our J75 had a lifetime max on the number of clicks but the Versant 2100's didn't. I don't remember what the specific numbers were, it ended up working in our favor but I do remember that being an issue.


While the test mentioned above clearly shows that the XCMYK is significantly bigger than regular CMYK and therefore it can reproduce more colors, the question is what this means in real life.


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To revisit and conclude this topic...
  • after having a demo on the C3070 in the summer and being impressed, we waited for the C4080 series and received the first UK installation of a C4080 before Christmas. Looking forward to putting it through its paces in the new year.
  • our KM dealer also sourced us an immaculate, low mileage refurbished Pro951 to take care of the B/W work, which we received in September and has already been a game changer in terms of productivity.
Thanks to all who replied to the topic, especially to @jwheeler for the invaluable detailed advice and knowledge.

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