Digitally printed micro perforated sheets



I was wondering if anyone has experience running 13x19 sheets of 12pt c2s cardstock with micro perforations in a digital printer, such as a Canon or Ricoh? Specifically, did the sheets go through the printer without tearing or jamming and did the printing quality come out as desired?

Thank you


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We've done it a few times on Canon equipment, mostly for tickets. If there's heavy coverage on the perf line it won't play down toner well, but it's never torn or caused jams.


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I've run pre-perfed ticket stock on several Xerox models without a problem. They weren't exactly what I'd call micro-perfed either.


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I've run it on Canon and Kodak equipment without too much issue. And various types of perfs. Usually won't tear, it more on just getting it to feed into the press that can be the trickiest part. Sometimes, just need smaller loads.


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I'm sorry I don't know the specific pitch of the perf because we don't do it in house. The card stock perf is a bit more coarse than the paper perf, but is smooth and sturdy.

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i have done 72 teeth per inch on up to 65lb cover. we make in house so we are able to adjust and control the perfing.

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