Direct-to-egg printing improves traceability & safety


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Markem-Imaje’s 9450 “Egg-jet“ coder—a DTE (Direct to Egg) inkjet printer customized for egg production—is capable of coding over 250,000 eggs/hour, and is certified for use on Moba egg processing machines. The coder can be retrofitted on existing egg production lines on a ‘plug and play’ basis.

The “Egg-jet“ 9400—available in Europe & North America—prints logos and up to 4 lines of code, directly onto eggs, using pink or blue food-grade inks. A built-in sensor prevents the insertion of incorrect ink and additive cartridges. Characterized by a mono-block printhead, the 9400 provides easy head cleaning—with its automatic cleaning system—ensuring consistency & quality of the printed code.

Codes & logos printed directly onto eggs contain “egg-zact” safety and traceability information such as best-before dates and farm identification, fulfilling legal requirements. Egg recalls relating to health concerns with salmonella have shown that traceability is vital to protecting brand reputation & consumer health.


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Those eggs look suspiciously soda can like. It looks like the film director was more interested in mountain climbing with his buddies than his client’s offerings LOL

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