Double-sided Epson proofs?


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My company has recently started receiving more and more Epson proofs, in place of wet-proofs. For 4-color interiors we are seeing double-sided Epson proofs (forms). I never realized Epson proofs could be double-sided. Are any Epson printers capable of this straight out of the box, or is additional hardware required?

A quick google search pointed me to this DJET. Not sure if that what is needed and if it's the only option out there.
Technically, wide format Epson printers are not two-sided proofers as there is no duplexer accessory available for them (that I know of), however, they ARE capable of printing on pre-cut sheets vs a roll of paper. There is a guide on the Epson that shows how to align a sheet of paper. Your workflow just has to be able to send one side at a time. As for the DJET, I Googled this myself and did find one image that showed two Epson printers vertically stacked. That's a solution from ImpoProof ( however, in looking at their website, it looks like you can only get their Canon-based two-sided solution which is also two physical printers.
Over the years I have had 3 different double-sided proofing systems.

1) Our first was a SpinJet 1000. It was an accessory for the HP DesignJet 1000 series from TechSage that would automate flipping the sheet. It used a single printer. The first side would print from a roll, while printing the SpinJet would grab the leading edge of the sheet. Once the first side of the sheet was complete, the SpinJet would take the leading edge and reverse is back into the printer over the platen and then start imaging the second side.

2) The second was a DJet from Diginfo. It was two EPSON Stylus Pro 9800s stacked on top of one another, but facing opposite directions. The top printer would print the first side off of a roll, cut it and then drop it into a guide/hopper for the infeed of the bottom printer.

3) The third was an ImpoProof. It was two Canon printers in line with each other. The first printer printed the top side from a roll. This set-up did NOT cut the sheet from the roll after the first side printed. the "web" fed into the second printer for printing of the second side, then cut it from the web. This setup also had a camera that was used for from-to-back registration.

Each system had their strengths and weaknesses.
I personally have two SpinJet's and love them. Unfortunately, the company that made them is no longer in business.



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