DPM 2340 - 2nd plate - Drum Jam CarProtect Media Buckling in Drum


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Our DPM 2340 is no stranger to drum jams after the 1st plate has made it out. That's what happened this morning. Cleared the jam by pulling gently. Tried again, jammed again. This time investigated the drum area and it is clear that just as the plate is exiting the drum area and buckling right at the roller it is supposed to go into next. The buckle is seen at that location but no idea what is preventing it from going through. Right now I managed to get it working again but manually rotating that roller and by moving the carriage all the way to the opposite side of the home position. According to the service manual, the error gets thrown when the pressure of the buckle against the hoops causes one or more of the hoops' microswitches to trigger. Here's a pic of the buckle:


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