Duplo 350i booklet maker


New member
Just picked this up gently used. Comes with the newer sheet feeder and square spine option.
Broker I got it from says the SCC system to cut tops and bottoms hasn’t been reliable since it trims one sheet at a time, so they didn’t include it with the unit.

Thoughts from anyone using the SCCsystem? I really want to get away from pre-cutting tops and bottoms on the guillotine, but at least this solutions lets me cut them in bulk instead of for each booklet.
So you're feeding pre-creased cover stock from the top tray and pre-collated / digital sets from the bottom tray. Pre-cutting tops and bottoms on the guillotine will give you a much better finished edge when made into a finished booklet, than cutting tops and bottoms of individual sheets on an SCC ever could... and is 30 times faster.
So a feeder into the SCC then booklet maker with trimmer? Why not let the trimmer do a face trim? Or if the covers are oversized the SCC can trim all 4 sides but leave the head/tail a slight bigger and trim on the trimmer as a complete booklet.


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