Duplo 618 Paper Guides


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We have a Duplo 618 and the magnetic guides that come with it are not very robust. Specifically the longer one for the intake tray. Additionally, the ones that came with our machine are not actually square which causes problems as the stacks raise and lower because the paper gets stuck unless we position the guide loosely.

I don't like lose side guides because that introduces the possibility of the stack feeding in crooked (once you add in air fluffery).

Does anyone know have an idea of where I can buy something sturdier that would be a true 90 degree angle? some kind of bracket maybe that is used in some other industry that I could use to provide similar functionality? Not to thin, not too thick and could easily add a magnet to the bottom - maybe 6in x 6in would be the ideal size. I was thinking about something like these but they're too thick and not wide enough.

If you guide leans in and binds paper try turning it around so it angles out. Or just bent the guide. I agree they cant bind or you get feeding issues.
If they are the same as on the Duplo Df-1200, I agree they are rather lightweight. The Morgana ones are rather solid, I guess you can buy them as spares.


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