Duplo 618 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser problems


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I have got a newish (less than a year old) Duplo 618 that has started to cut crooked at random intervals with text weight paper and regularly on the last 2 rows of business cards of a 24up 13x19 130# glossy cover sheet.

I've checked for paper that is stuck in the machine and I've got none, so I'm at a loss. Any ideas out there.


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We had issues like this when we had dirty rollers. Follow the cleaning mode instructions in the manual with as many of the modules out of the machine as you can. You enter the machine into cleaning mode, get a cloth wet with plain water and wring it so water doesn't drip, and then scrub the hell out of the rubber rollers that help the paper travel. Every time you open and close the lid the rollers will turn slightly, allowing you clean all around without taking the machine apart or the rollers out.

Pay particular attention to the rollers that seem to be where the problem occurs. For us, it was the rollers right before ejection. As soon as we cleaned them, these issues went away.


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