Duplo 646 is always off on lead margin


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We just got a new to us Duplo 646. Easy enough to guess our way through programming on the PC interface.
Problem is that every job is off on the lead margin first cut by a good 6-9mm. Is there a master setting somewhere that makes an adjustment to the lead edge we can't see? Thanks for any help
Are you placing the registration mark in the upper right corner so the sensor can better detect where to start cutting?
Haven't got that far yet, only 5 jobs so far, but same lead edge problem on them all?
I’ve not experienced this, and I rarely use the reg mark feature (only with some business cards really). I would guess possibly a feeding issue…what material are you using, is it on all materials, did you create a new program or use an existing one, are the air and thickness settings appropriate, is double feed detection enabled or disabled?
Are your prints in the correct position relative to the template? Just that you mention between 6-9mm which seems odd to vary if it's a machine setting you think is incorrect.
If its like the 618...In the "layout" section, make sure you are using "center" and not "manual". If in manual, it will start cutting where it has been set. If in center, it will assume the artwork is centered on the sheet and cut accordingly.
To prevent flat spots on the rollers Duplo recommends releasing the pressure on the backup rollers when the unit is not going to be used for an extended period of time. Possibly someone backed the screws off before you received the unit. The sheets could be slipping if the pressure is released on the backup rollers. These will have a hexagon socket style located at each end of the shaft on the backup rollers (hard white rollers). Check these out to make sure they aren’t backed off.

You could create a new file in the pc software and make sure you turn on the registration mark, it can be a 2 up or 4 up simple file. Then save the file as a pdf. The pdf will now have a registration mark in the upper right corner and cyan where your cuts will be. Upload the job to the Duplo, print out the pdf and see how it cuts it. The sheet should be cut almost on top of all the cut lines.
As i use the Duplo more i've decided it's not making the first cut for some reason?

Had a service tech come and calibrate it and fix some issues. The first cut was just 2 mm so didn't see it was so far off! Working good now.
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