Eco-friendly 1/2-Liter Karlskrone PET Beer Bottles—Save 67% in Energy Cost


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KHS Group, together with Martens Brewery in Belgium—Carlsberg & Karlskrone Beer—is addressing consumer calls for environmentally-friendly packaging; and KHS is implementing its strategy of reducing packaging waste & promoting a closed recycling loop in the market.

Karlskrone beer will be sold as a film-free KHS Nature MultiPack of six—in redesigned 0.5-liter PET bottles made entirely of recyclate. FreshSafe PET—a patented KHS Plasmax coating process—also provides optimum product protection & a long shelf life.

At the moment, up to 40,000 PET bottles an hour can be processed by Martens as Nature MultiPacks. The new system joins beverage bottles together with dots—not shrink film—to form a stable yet easy-to-separate pack. The modular machine design, allows bottles to continue to be wrapped in film, if a retailer wants this.

This new approach allows up to 90% in packaging cost to be saved. Compared to the variant currently on the market, comprised of film and weighing in at 7.5 grams, this new setup uses just 1.5 grams of adhesive. The beverage producer now saves up to 67% in production energy cost, compared to the old method of heated shrink wrap.

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