Epson 7800 Printing Issues, Please Help!

Ron Bakker

I hope this is the right place to post this question...

I have an Epson 7800 which has decided to quit printing. I don't mean I have some streaks or missing lines, I mean nothing.

If I leave it for a couple days and try printing a small solid 2" square, then it prints VERY lightly at the top of the square, but by the bottom, it has dissipated to nothing.

I have done head cleanings, I have replaced the pump-cap and pump assembly, everything is clean... I am out of ideas. I do not know enough about the workings of the printer to even guess.

Any help you can provide will be appreciated.



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Check if the ink is actually flowing into the head. Looks like the head tries to print, but there is no ink feed to do that.


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Lines are most likely clogged. If you want to work on it yourself, you could try flushing out the lines with a syringe and windex.

I had a 9600 like this and after flushing it out and replacing some parts it ran great for many years.

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It was printing well a week ago. All the lines clogged simultaneously?
Well obviously something happened.

If you want to look for answers on the internet from someone who's never even seen the machine, that's as good a place to start as any.

Otherwise call a tech.


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To attempt to clean the heads:
1) initiate a knife change and open the cover. The knife change will unlock the head so that you can move it.
2) soak a lint free rag with windex and put it under the head and let it sit for a few hours and then run a heavy cleaning. See if that improves your print quality.
3) If 2) doesn't work, repeat, except let it soak overnight.

if the above doesn't work, the print head may have failed. You can google for a service manual or field repair manual. and might be able to to sell you a new head. My last Epson head purchase was $1600.

You can get a new 24" Epson pigment printer for around $2000 before shipping (at least in the US).


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You can get a new 24" Epson pigment printer for around $2000 before shipping (at least in the US).
My first thought when I read the original post.
Of course, if money is no object.
You really have to think of Epson printers as "throw aways."
I know you can sometimes get them working but you can also spend an inordinate of time and money attempting a fix.
The cloth with windex can definitely do the trick if it's just a clog right at the nozzles.
I have also used 'Simple Green' as a stronger option but it can melt or soften plastics so a much shorter time in contact is called for.
The 7800 was introduced in 2005-2006.

Ron Bakker

I appreciate the feedback. I fear it is a fried print-head. Oh, and yes, only Epson ink. Thank you all for your kind replies and helpful information!


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