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How sure are you about this? We switched over to XMF a while ago (over PRINERGY due to costs). We do a LOT of business with Fuji (~$30,000 a month), so I doubt they would price gouge but I can't help but wonder if we've paid a premium price for nothing.

After having seen them running in parallel on 3 different computer one near each other, I can assure that it's the same piece of software with same features but only different color in the interface mask.
Check and compare them on these youtube videos

Real Pro https://youtu.be/Fq1aTRPWcWc
Sierra https://youtu.be/W4QgFJBj0e8
XMF https://youtu.be/fNA2Y-diZ7A




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I have been on Equios for 20 months now I believe? I had been on Trueflow since 2003. We created a pretty slick workflow that is saving us a ton of time. We change presses a lot from a 24 up on a Sanden to a 12 up on a VIP to a 12 up on a Hedielberg, etc.
We now create a workflow in the beginning that has all options already included. Middle of the night press change? Pressman simply pulls down on "Output Sanden 22" - and it comes out 24 up. Each new automation is a bit time consuming as we have to build 4-6 templates. But, when you get the level of automation that we have now it is fantastic.
We also setup hotfolders that go directly into that size. So, have an 8.5 X 11 that bleeds 4 up? Create a hot folder with all scenarios and drop the PDF on. I am down one FTE since implementation. No. I do not work for Screen.

Steve Kolar

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February 18, 2022.

Research Inquiry:
Steve Kolar
N1N Graphic Products Resale Distribution
St. Paul, MN 55109

'December 15, 2016'... Is there more recent research information?
TrueFlow Software Upgrade to Equios PTR Upgrade vs. Fuji...''Xitron v.12 / XMF' or Kodak Prinergy.


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