Error 210 on Fuji Luxel F-9000 Image Setter.


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Dear Sir, I am in a trouble with my Fuji Luxel F-9000 Image Setter. At first the problem was with the Power Supply. I have replaced the Power supply. Now when I switched ON the Machine all the Pre-Cheque functions are working properly, Traverse Carriage movement and Green Lamp of the Traverse is OK. Vacuum Pumps function is also OK. But when I load the Film it comes out from the Film Cassette and stopped at the entrance of the Traverse Carriage and shows Error 210. I have replaced the Film Cassette, Film, Film Loading Motor, FHMB 1 & 2 Board but Error is almost same. If anybody suggest me what to do, I will be ever grateful.
Dear LEO, Thank you for your response. I have already replaced Traverse motor. But no development.

Best regards
Atiqur Rahman


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