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Howdy All,

Anyone have any idea what the error code C-E008 represents on a Konica Minolta C6100?

I just had a tech at the shop working on a color issue that this machine and a C3070 have had for awhile (printed a specific CMYK color too red). There were updates installed on the Fiery, software switches were turned on and off, etc.. The color issue is now closer to being solved on the 6100 (still too red). Previous to the tech work in order to get the color closer to standard there were manual max density adjustments made along with a customized output profile. Now the 6100 will print the specific CMYK color we need without being as red as it was and it will do this without manual max density adjustments and customized output profiles. But,,,now it throws out the C-E008 code.

This code showed up on the C3070 in the past but a tech readjusted max density limits and it took care of the problem. I don't have access to this adjustment so...not sure what to do other than get a tech in here again.

What does C-E008 mean? Have you had it happen in the past? How did you deal with it? Anything? Anyone?

Thanks, Have a Good One,
Main body: Output paper density automatic adjustment abnormality
An error is detected during the output paper density adjustment.
Measures to take when an alert occurs
The main body and the option stop immediately.
Estimated abnormal parts
• Color sensor unit (RU)
• Scanner unit/2 (IQ-501)
Deactivate and activate the sub power switch (SW2) of the main body.
▪ The message "Please turn on power again" is displayed on the touch panel.
1. Check the following units, and clean or repair it when there is any dirt or abnormality.
• When the IQ-501 is not connected: Color sensor unit (RU)
• When the IQ-501 is connected: Scanner unit/2 (IQ-501)
2. For the following adjustment, delete all the registered adjustment values and perform the adjustment again.
• Each Paper Type Color Adj. ([Adjustment] - [Quality Adjustment] - [Color Density Control] - [Each Paper Type Color Adj.])
• Color Density Control (Manual adjustment) (Refer to R.2.2.9 Color Density Control (Manual adjustment))
Faulty part isolation DIPSW
Control during the detachment
Need to chime in here as we just ran into this error a few weeks ago. The go-to fix is to delete the Each Color Paper Type adjustment values in the CDC panel. The problem for us was that we weren't even using them at the time so there was nothing to delete. Our tech opened up the RU and the IQ and made sure all optics were clean, and updated firmware where possible. For some reason, the RU wasn't taking the latest firmware, or the previous iteration, so we left it as it was.

The error did go away, but we have something extremely weird going on now. CDC doesn't work with the "Plain" paper setting. We run a lot of uncoated stocks, and have always just used the plain setting. Through a bit of trial and error, I found that any paper set to "Plain" with CDC turned on causes toner densities to go crazy - way too dark. If you turn off CDC and run the exact same document with the exact same settings, it prints fine. Nobody knows why this is occurring - could be firmware, could be a bad chip/board. Either way, we didn't have time to stay down to keep troubleshooting, so we just stopped using the Plain setting and started using Color Specific for all uncoated papers.


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