Esko & partners demonstrate ‘Packaging Connected’


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Producing a variety of labels faster with shorter runs, has resulted in lead-time pressure, complex workflows and greater efficiencies. Esko’s Packaging Connected theme is an answer this need by providing a lineup of supply chain partners to build a comprehensive range of seamlessly integrated solutions & efficient workflows to reduce manual intervention.

At Labelexpo—booth #5202, in several partner booths & in the Automation Arena —Esko’s Packaging Connected vision will link a broad portfolio of partners for best-in-class solutions in combination with Esko’s label production technologies. Being demonstrated in the Automation Arena—
  • A complete label production workflow running on Esko’s Software platform, integrated with a CERM MIS.
  • Esko partners digitally printing different self-adhesive & multiple shrink sleeve label designs using flexo.
  • A 45-minute show witnessing conventional & digital label production from order entry to finished goods.
  • MIS integrated with Esko’s Software Platform, supporting end-to-end label and shrink sleeve workflow:
    • Label personalization,
    • Preflighting,
    • Quality checks,
    • Color management,
    • Creation of rules for inspection, proofing & customer approval.
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