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I have attached several articles by Felix Brunner, they are valuable to anyone trying to understand Color Lithography.
You can contact me with any questions 412.889.7643 Dan.


Hello Dan,
Greetings, Would gladly be appreciated if you could share the Felix Brunner ( Handbook of Print Reproduction) English version

Alois Senefelder

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Gentlemen and fellowLithograpers,

With great respect for Mr. Dan. Remaley also Felix Brunner and their many articles about "Grey Balance"

I suggest you read Gordos PrintBlog article entitled "Grey Balance Unbalanced-An inconvenient truth"

Regards, Alois


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Here's an item I wrote several years ago and the responses.
The standard deviation of a press is + or - 2%. That 4% variance in any particular color will show a cast but if you keep the colors in 'balance' the 4% variance becomes only a 'light' or 'dark' variance - this difference we can live with. (see PCReference).
Here's an idea I always wanted to try- take your 50-40-40 patch into Photoshop and set for Medium GCR - these new values can be placed in the color bar. Now the grey patch won't "change" until the standard deviation happens (+/- 2%)... Of course you need to apply same amount of GCR to the images & tint builds at rip level.
Attached is a pic of the ALL color readings on a X-rite 530. When the C-M-Y is within .03 of each other = Grey.
Certainly none of this matters printing a Red fire Truck or saturated pictures. . .but it won't hurt them either! I don't buy the "in line" argument - the separations have the correct size dots for a 'correctly' printed sheet - if not - go back to pre-press and adjust the dot size! You can't "color correct" at press you can only color ruin!!
I managed a color trade house in Pittsburgh making separations/proofs for printers.
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