Fenimore CycloMag 720


New member
Good Afternoon!
Does anyone have any experience with the Fenimore CycloMag 720? We recently purchased a second hand machine (pretty old but the price was right) in a private party sale. It came with no documentation or instruction. We were able to obtain a copy of the manual from the manufacturer but it was pretty vague. We got it installed and running, it feeds fine and we were successful at achieving a die cut.

The trouble began when we tried a pocket folder, the scores cut and the cuts did not come through the sheet. We thought perhaps the die was faulty so we sent it back to the diemaker with the problematic sheets and they made us a new die. We then went back to the owners manual and followed the set up procedure to the letter to ensure we were not applying the incorrect amount of pressure. We got the same result with the second die.

We have been looking for a retired operator or someone that could give us some guidance to what we may be doing wrong.
Any advice would be appreciated.


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