Fiery XF 6.2.x (4900 G7 Proofer) issue with long files not passing


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Hello I am getting an a verification fail recently on jobs that seem to be over 24 inches long. When I crop the file down it passes. back to full length it fails again. Same file in the RIP que.
I have attached the verification fail that was cut off of a 30 inch piece. In the same image there is the cropped printout with the verification pass.

This has never been an issue until last week. I thought it was a fluke thing on a job that was almost 40 inches. we do not do larger then 8.5x11 most of the time. so I cannot be specific when this started happening.

I looked in the system management and nothing has changed.

As I am typing this I am going to restart. But I won't know if it will fix it until I run another long proof.
Any thoughts?


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