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File Recovery Service is in High Demand


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Markzware to the Rescue—Markzware announces their DTP File Recovery Service—a recovery service for bad & corrupt Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and PDF files for fatal crashes and / or error codes. When a user receives an unexpected “Error Code 4, 5, 6”, “Database Error”, “Bad File Format-39”, or “Cannot Open File”, Markzware’s recovery service helps, saving countless hours of rework.

Charlie Hagan, another Markzware customer, said, “If this company did not exist, I would have lost an entire product catalogue—a file which Adobe deemed ‘unrepairable’ after having sent it to them first to try & fix.”

Mages Ruiz Diaz, TEDx Melbourne, shared her file recovery experience, “Quick and efficient! Best service ever, they recovered a corrupted InDesign CC 2015 file in just one hour. If you have similar issues, get in touch, they’ll save you.”

Markzware’s DTP File Recovery Service requires a $49 in-take fee. Beyond that, if they can fix your file, the price is between $99 and $199, based on file size. This service is available on the Markzware website.


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Something similar is my guess, yes.
They already have intimate knowledge of the INDD file structure.
They may have built an "Interpreter App" which scans the hex and creates blocks of probable code which can then be examined for corruption.
Scanning the hex manually would be extremely difficult and time consuming.
No programmer would want that job. :cool:

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