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there's still Quark, but Adobe has a strangle hold on the schools with their basically free student pricing, so no one is being taught anything else.


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Maybe I was not clear. I am looking for a method or service to do the following.
1. Back up files.
2. Store Print files (Active and Archived)
3. Be able to share large files witH clients for proofing. Smaller files are usually emailed.


Hello, you can use the DriveUploader which works with Google Drive.

Drive is a great solution for storing and backing up your files. And DriveUploader is a small app that solved the problem you mentioned in point three. It allows you to collect unlimited-size files from clients directly to your Google Drive. In addition, you can create your own online form. It means you are able to collect any needed information like contacts or print details.

I hope it will be helpful :)


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