Fogra 51 and 52 profiles do not match ISO 12647 !


Hi to all .
I am a bit suprise about this , because i tought they should match , but no .
If i compare the PSO 120647-2 to the icc profile PSOCoatedV3.icc we get this .

Where the ISO 12647-2_2013 have this values , this dE are not so high , but on color proofers or color reports we will get problems . Because the Lab targets are not ISO 12647-2 2013 .


What standard should i use to generate color certificates ?
Who rules here ? PSO Coated 2013 or Fogra 51 !


  • Fogra 51 and 52 profiles do not match ISO 12647.pdf
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Hi, had noticed the same here. (what software are you using, seems very interesting to me!)
I digged a bit and I have fount that F51 is ruling over PSO coated 2013, because the ISO 12647-2/2013 is under update.
I don't have any further info, sorry.
We are using the Fogra51 and Fogra52 values instead of 12647-2, mainly because the values better represents the real world of our production (paper color and CMYK inks).


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