Foiling and Spot UV-style effects on Laminator


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I've been reading about Foiling and Spot UV effects using a Laminator and Digital Press which can be used for short runs and personalisation. Is there anyone out there who has any feedback on this?

I've got a Xerox 700 (toner based), does it also apply to this or only ink based presses similar to GMP Sleek technology

Are there any other alternatives that anyone knows about.


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i have gmp excelam which can do foiling and spot uv effects. it works perfectly with xerox 700. you should try


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Thanks for the information.

Just to update you, I have spoken to GMP regarding sleeking on our 'existing' desktop laminator but all the sales guy was trying to do was sell me a new laminator!!!!

I'm currently using a desktop D&K Single Sided laminator and also have access to a Matrix MD-460.

My question is, do you need a compressor on your laminator to use the sleeking process or does it work with a standard desktop laminator which doesn't have as compressor or high roller pressure.

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