Free Guide: Re-assess Your Business Model


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Printing industry management consulting firm—Gimbel & Associates—has published a compendium of articles designed to help printing businesses develop strategies for protecting & growing their businesses.

This 100-plus page, downloadable eBookRoger P. Gimbel’s Guide to Better Business—is full of helpful guidance, tips and resources. It includes sections on Business Strategy, Marketing, Sales Acceleration, Production, etc., and is available to print professionals at no charge.

According to author Roger Gimbel—EDP, “Companies in the printing business need new strategies, especially after COVID-19. This is the time to assess their business models. The way they do business is changing.”

The eBook contains valuable information printers can put to immediate use in their organizations, covering topics like:
  • Data Security Challenges in Your Print Environment,
  • Enhancing Your Communication Skills, and
  • Making More Money with Mail.
When the economy picks up, so will your business. Now is a great time to browse through this guide and jot down strategic ideas relevant to your company.


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This informative paper on deinking: demand, principles, problems and solutions also explains why printing technologies are not all equally compatible with paper recycling systems; and why just a small fraction of printed material in the paper can cause difficulties.
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