Fully Automated Flexographic Plate Processing


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Announced by the Flint Group, the ThermoFlexX Catena+ is a fully automated, modular plate processing, “connected chain” system, which can be joined together with other equipment for various levels of automation. The Catena+ line consists of 3 equipment modules:
  • Catena - E (UV LED exposure),
  • Catena - W (solvent plate processor), and
  • Catena - DLS (dryer, light finisher & plate stacker combination with robotized plate transport). The DLS module—10 drying units, 7 stacking positions & a light finisher—can be connected to a Catena-W for automatic plate-processing.
The Catena-DLS features:
  • Fully automated plates with minimum operator intervention—completely processed, fully finished with no further operator intervention—eliminating damage caused by manual plate handling;
  • An open system allowing plate loading from other Imagers;
  • Access to production data of all modules, provides;
  • An enhanced, pro-active maintenance, minimizing physical service intervention;
  • Catena+ also includes Catena Cockpit—a highly-visible status report on plate processing, progress and expected time of completion.
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Automatically Autonomous Automation

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