Glunz & Jensen Multiline Model 900 Instruction Manual


Hey guys,

I have a Dolev 800 image-setter purchased along with what looks like a Glunz & Jensen Photographic Film Processor model 900. From what I looked online it appeared to be a Multiline processor. Could anyone confirm this? And if possible, could you upload a PDF version of the instruction manual please? I have a lot of trouble finding it online.


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Here they are.
Good luck.


  • G&J_MultiLine950-1250_Service Manual.pdf
    3.4 MB · Views: 436
  • MultiLine_950_1250_1550_UG.pdf
    369.9 KB · Views: 342


Here they are.
Good luck.
Thank you for your response, though I don't really know if this is the right manual...

I will post a photo of the machine, hope this helps!

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