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Re competition from the online print giants such as Vista Print, can anyone recommend items - stationery, banners, business forms, note pads etc. - that can be sold on partner sites and are priced so that you have a chance to compete with the "big boys?" I'm thinking note pads. Any other suggestions? Thanks,


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You don't want Vistaprint type customers. The average annual spend of a Vistaprint customer is $78. It's just that through automation and millions of customers they can be profitable. There is almost 0 human touch from beginning to end. They are only cheap in small quantities that you don't want to deal with anyway. Vistaprint customers get suckered in with $9.99 standard business card ads showing nothing but premium cards with extra features that sell for $100. They are mostly wannabe businesses. For any serious business that orders a reasonable quantity of product (ie 500 cards, not 50), I can easily beat Vistaprint prices with good margin. I do well with the usual items - business cards, stationery, brochures, pocket folders, postcards, signs and banners. Don't sell on price.


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Yes, you can offer Customer service.

I agree with gregbatch...don't try to compete with them on price. It's not worth it. I've had plenty of people come in asking if we can do the $10 bc's like vista and I say no, go ahead and go to them...then come back to me when you want it done right and when you need to talk to a human being. That's how you'll win and keep customers...along with great quality and turn-around.

There are online 'giants' who produce every one of the products you mentioned. I worked at one that specialized in the 3.5"x8.5" notepads. However, I believe where we really made our money was when we printed and mailed magazines that you have probably never heard of...for niche markets like the farming industry, specialty automotive, specialized medical, etc.


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I get quite a few customers that have ordered a 'free' batch of cards from Vista Print. To me, Vista Print is not competition. People, usually new businesses, try to save a few bucks by getting in on their offer. Can't blame them. I've been in the print business 40 years and people appreciate the knowledge & attention that comes with that.

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