Great little app


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Ok, I'll get the ball rolling here ...

Every PC user should know about this little program:

It's called "CleanUp!". It's small, free, reliable and terrific! Run it once a month, and it cleans out all the rubbish that Windows accumulates - temp files, cache, browsing history, etc, etc.

An IT guy put me on to it ages ago, and it's never let me down.

Hope everyone finds this useful.


Re: Great little app


you are right, I have used this program for a number of years. It is part of my maintenance routine especially using an pc



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Re: Great little app

I just downloaded CleanUp! and ran it in demo mode. It said it would have removed 15947 files and freed up 7.5GB of disk space if I had actually ran it for real. So I decided to run it for real after verifying everything was either temporary files or prefetch, and it actually deleted 6065 files and freed up 4.85GB pf disk space. Wow! I don't even really care why there's a difference between what it said it would have done and actually did. I'm just amazed at how quick and efficient the program is.


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