Groups out of order when Import > Import Group


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I have about 100 Groups in Pitstop with quite a few actions saved within each group. My sets are made up of all the different publishers and their specific actions regarding page sizes, preflight requirements, etc. Every time I add a client and it's particular actions I Export the collection of groups to my server to be backed up. First to my desktop and copied to the server. I have on occasion had Acrobat lock up on me and had to force quit. Very rarely I needed to re-install Acrobat or Pitstop and re-import my all my "Grouped Actions". When imported they arrange themselves alphabetically. Now I exported the set, zipped it (Made a few folders to be able to send through email) and sent it in an email to myself,. I downloaded, unzipped and arranged them in a folder on my desktop. Same process I've done for years. Now when I re-import them they are re-arranged out of order. No logical order because some sets are number based, i.e. 01, 02, 03 etc.. It's a real pain in the butt to re-arrange these sets all the time being that I do this on a monthly basis. Also if I start re-arranging more than a few sets at a time Acrobat will quit on me. I'm guessing it's re-cataloging the sets. I did not have this problem in Pitstop 19. I've upgraded to 20 and this is a minor but irritating issue. Any way of fixing this?


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Had this on another forum, you can rearrange them here.


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