Guillotining Laminated Stocks


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We have an Ideal 4850-95EP and on the last couple of jobs an issue had developed when cutting 250GSM silk with a gloss laminate to both sides.
I've been trying to look at what's different to before and have come up with these variables, the third of which seems the most likely.
  • the blade was changed last month
  • the laminating film is from a new batch, albeit the same product as we've always used (Boss OPP Digital 24/27MIC)
  • we used to try to leave for 24 hours after laminating before cutting, but haven't on some urgent jobs recently
The actual issue is, despite cutting in small piles (less than 20mm height) and fanning before knocking up, the guillotine is compressing the sheets, making a horrible noise as if it were cutting solid plastic, and wrecking the bottom sheets, even if packed out.

Any advice from those who may have experienced similar appreciated as always.
What do you mean by wrecking the bottom sheets? Also, is the blade still sharp? (I know you said you changed it last month but obviously depending what you're cutting it might be dull by now) If it was sharp, is it damaging the blade when cutting the laminated stock?


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I've had blades just back from sharpening and performing crap. Not sure of incorrect sharpening angle or maybe not sharpened at all.

Do you still have your old blade to stick back in to compare.

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