Has anyone ever had success hiring someone through this job board?

Have you had any success here?

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I was thinking about posting here but find it hard to believe very many job seekers are on this forum?
Just to set the record straight, PrintPlanet is a global e-Community of print professionals freely educating and exchanging information to other print professionals. No fees are charged for the use of our global exchange. Financial support is provided by Key Industry Players (our Sponsors).

We are also not a job placement site. Our Marketplace Forum is provided as an additional resource for our members to choose to use or not use. We neither seek nor do we receive any form of compensation from our Marketplace.
No, but our needs were very narrow so we didn't expect much. Nevertheless, this was the best hope. I'm not sure why you are "thinking" about something that is free. Give it a shot. There is nothing to lose and you may be surprised. You can't have too many resources.


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