Heat-Sealable Paper Packaging—Alternative to Plastics


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DREWSEN Special papers—manufacturer of PROSTRAW paper drinking straws—has introduced PROSEAL Heat Sealable Paper, a sustainable / environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.

PROSEAL uses a water-based dispersion coating on one side & seals with ultrasonic or high-speed, heat-sealing devices. Due to remarkable mechanical properties, it can be used on existing production lines: form-fill & seal, vertical and horizontal flowpack. Designed for primary & secondary packaging of dry and non-fatty foodstuff, and non-food packaging: children’s toys, household goods, etc., that require no further barriers.

Features include:
  • Certified for direct food contact (BfR recommendation XXXVI, FDA);
  • Can be supplied with FSC or PEFC certification;
  • Recyclable without reserves, according to EN 13430;
  • Printable with flexo & gravure.

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