Help with -- Error Code 29 - for Polar 76 EM 1991


New member
Hello forum,

I have a Polar 76 EM from '91, and I get the error code 29 directly after power on.
Polar does not respond to our request for help, not even to redirect us to Heidelberg..

I have some indications that the problem may be related with the input panel, cause when it is disconnected the machine starts, and can even cut in manual mode, of course without any access to the programs or any logical operations.

Does anyone maybe have the list of error codes and a possible remedy for this problem or maybe a direct idea of what would cause the problem for error 29?

Mach. No.: 6261107 (Year 1991)
I can share my email address with anyone that can maybe provide help, just let me know!

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards,
Alex Quinn

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