Hohner 48/5 S Stitcher Head question


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As a prepress person, this is not usually my task until the new owner asked me to look into it. We are looking to get replacement stitcher heads for our Horizon Collator. The heads are Hohner 48/5 S. I've found a number of used ones on eBay for around $420. Problem of course on eBay is you don't know what you're going to get – used? how used? etc. Then the red flag that the seller does not take returns.

The other option: A new stitcher head from a dealer is around $950. A used stitcher head from a dealer is around $500. We don't need the wire guide but we do need the former. I've also heard of refurbished ones but what would be required to refurbish a head by yourself? A new former? (about $200.)

Anyway, just wanted to get someone's opinion on the best, safest and least expensive route. Also, if anyone knows a reputable dealer that they would recommend would be a great help! Thank You!
Refurbished is usually completely torn down cleaned and rebuilt. Worn parts are usually replaced if needed. Hohner heads last much longer than the old Interlake heads.


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