Hohner Stitcher Repairs...


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We have an old Hohner Favorit stitcher that is giving us issues when stitching books over half an inch thick. About every third staple is screwed up. We had a repairman work on it and ever since it hasn't acted right. Does anyone have any recommendations for the service of such an old machine? Preferably near the KC area.
You can rebuild them yourself if you have the time. I get my parts for my stitcher heads at Update ltd. I don't remember if they provide rebuilding but you may want to contact them with your Hohner model to see what they offer. You can sometimes find some reasonably priced used heads on ebay, always nice to have a spare laying around.

There are a few adjustments that you can make like stitch length and even out the stitch if the legs aren't even. The clincher can also be repaired or maybe it's off center now.
Don't discount that you may have gotten a spool of wire that may be thiner than it should be for stitching that thickness.
We have tried many spools and wire sizes. We only run into issues on thicker books. It appears to be an issue with the wire feed. I think the wire drive wheel is worn and isn't applying enough pressure to feed the wire through the paper reliably.
Not sure if you fix it yet BUT if it has a wire tube in which the wire flows down thru replace the lower tube. It looks like a L. It wears out inside and will screw up the feeding. Also oil your wire every once in a while.


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