Ricoh c9200 Print Quality Issue

I'd like to know what happened with issue myself as we have had the same problem on our C9210 and the techs have been unable to definitively figure out the problem. We tried the settings above and unfortunately did not have any noticeable effect other than slowing down the press.
Sorry for the delay, I didn't realize I never closed out this issue. Ricoh headquarters blamed the issue on our label stock, even though it is a pretty standard material, and said the reduced motor speed solution is the only solution. So we've been printing anything with decent toner coverage at 70% - 75% and anything with minimal coverage at 100% since then.
We are having the same issue(C9200) on the guts of our mixed media books (100GC & 70GT), the only solution I have found is to turn down the pressure roller temp. You may need to go up or down depending on the stock and your current settings but don't be afraid of adjusting all the way to the ends of the spectrum. Our default temp on the guts is 90 but ive been having to set it down to 30 on start up every morning and then keep an eye out as in our case it begins to get "foggy" after 30-50 books and i have to bring it back up to about 45(which is still only half of the default setting)
Thanks for the reply. We are still using this press, mostly at 70% - 75% motor speed. I think I tried turning the pressure roller temp all the way down way back when we first had this issue but I am not totally sure so I will try it soon. Thanks again.


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