Horizon Vac 100c Collator Feed Sensor error all 10 bins

Have a Horizon Vac 100c Collator with Feed Sensor error in all 10 bins, ( first picture ). Base on the maintenance section of the operation manual of the collator there is a need to clean the Feed Sensor of the collator (second picture). Based on the manual, I have cleaned all 10 Feed Sensors. But the error in all 10 sensor would not go away. Also I have check and confirm all 12V pilot bulb 4mm are all good. Can anyone teach me on how to fix the collator. Thank you in advance all help is appreciated

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Hi sir;

Please do

1 Sensor and actuator are firmly connected
to connector.¿

2 Wire from connector is caught or cut.¿¿

3 Connector is firmly connected to intermediate

4 Connector on the top part of intermidiate
P.C.B. is firmly connected.¿¿¿

5 Cables are caught or cut.¿¿¿¿

6 Connector is firmly connected to P.C.B.¿¿¿¿

Also you can test if the power supply for 24 Vdc, is there in any Sensors otherwise is defective, and you must repair the regulated power supply

You must test the sensor, bringin any metal to near, is o.k the Light will be ON, in 5 mms of range aprox.


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