hot folders console lost connection?


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Hi All!

I just joined my new company. Someone else set up the hot folders and when I launch the hot folders app, nothing populates in the console. Nothing is configured. However, the existing hot folders (two dozen) do work. The issue is that I cannot edit a hot folder, nor create a new one. I’d like to set up new ones, but it fails.

Any idea on how to get the app/console to recognize the existing set of hot folders and/or create new ones eventho there’s some kind of conflict?



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I got a response on the EFI communities website. I think this summary is correct for anyone who experiences this in the future. Or maybe one of y'all knows something different for me to explore?

  1. The hot folders were not created on my computer, but another computer.
  2. The hot folders were created under a different user on my computer, so my user ID wouldn’t have access.
  3. Not being able to create new hot folders might have to do with user/network permissions/access?

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