How can I drive Avalon n8-50


Well-known member
Recently we buy used Avalon come with apogee 8 , we have our rip and happy with that in apogee there are module called platemaker if IAM not wrong it works like old print drive ? (Accept one bit Tiff files and burn it?)
p.s server came with ep-b box with lan interface
Our technicishan does not know platemaker he tell me to use apogee rip
Any help I will be glad

Horace Ezasse

New member
We have Avalon N8-20 & Apogee 10 on Windows 10 machine. It goes through a small black box from Screen to drive the Avalon. "Platemaker" is a program on the windows machine, along with the "Prepress Client" It is a little bit like Print Drive.


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