How to Make commercial CTP thermal /Positive photoresistdeveloper


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How do someone make commercial CTP thermal developer/Positive photoresist developer that is able to dissolve the diazo photosensitive resin on aluminium plates.? What are the key raw material and mixing ratio. What is the logical chemistry about this..
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Just want so scientific definition as it's possible for NaoH to work on the diazo photosentive resin


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Maybe protected by a battery of lawyers and patented up to the stratosphere but there are some places on this rock where there is no infrastructure to source developer and you can´t easily get the supplies you require in a printshop but maybe you he can get chemicals. The OP´s question is a logial one but unless there is a chemist hero here on the forum I doub´t anybody will know.


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Even if one finds all the main ingredients (some of which may well be secret), finding the exact proportions will take a lot of trial and error.
And than, one will need to find the correct replenisher formula as well as rates of replenishing to compensate for oxidation as well as rates of replenishing to compensate for exhaustion (related to the area of developed plates).
I seriously doubt that a single printing plant can afford all that development effort.
AND, there are other, non technical issues to consider such as - how long before the plate manufacturer changes something in his formulas or stop offering that particular brand of plates...
Formula for developer (and replenisher) is different for each plate emulsion.
A developer that fits one brand of plates is not likely to work well on others.

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