HP’s Bug Bounty Program to Discover Security Flaws


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HP Inc. is teaming up with Bugcrowd to run a new program that proactively finds & deals with security flaws in some of their printers.

The intent of the bug bounty program is to award between $500 and $10,000 to researchers who discover security weaknesses. HP printers are becoming increasingly connected to corporate networks, making them part of the larger Internet of things (IoT) and providing potential back-door entry points for cyber-criminals looking to access critical company data.

A number of vendors are using similar programs to find weak points before cyber-criminals find them, according to Bugcrowd officials. HP said their program, announced July 31, was the first of its kind for printers. Last year, HP addressed several printer vulnerability issues, including firmware patches to close back doors in more than 50 enterprise-class printer models impacted by an arbitrary code execution bug.

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