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HTML 5 drag and drop designer for existing web 2 print solution


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Hi all,

We have a web 2 print solution (off the shelf initially but then customized) that works very well for our needs. It has a designer that is HTML form based. It also has a basic HTML 5 designer. Unfortunately, the designer is a bit outdated and we are looking to upgrade.

We would like to have a responsive, HTML 5 designer that can have drag and drop functionality for images and still have all the lock down features that are important to corporate clients.

We DO NOT need a storefront. We already have one. We just need the designer to replace our existing designer. A few things -

1.) We have a ton of templates in the system. Most of our templates start as Indesign and then we upload PDFs into our existing system and then do some programming to get them to work. Ease of use in getting the templates working with the new designer is a must. Ideally, there needs to be a system in place where we can use PDFs or native files as a base. Re-designing everything from scratch within the new system is not really an option (I notice that some systems will have you design everything from scratch in their design builder tool).

2.) We need to have granular control over what elements get locked down, what elements are resizeable etc.

3.) It should be flexible enough to integrate into our back end/platform.

Any suggestions would be welcome. We can either get an off the shelf software/solution (if it exists) or we can develop around the core functionality if there is something we can license that can do that.



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Hi Raminmind

I'm looking at developing a solution similar to what you are describing for one of my customers.

In our solution, we are looking at chiliPublish for the design portion. If you are a developer, I suggest that you have a look.

Fair Disclosure: 1) I am a vendor. 2) This is not an inexpensive solution. 3) I will soon be selling Chili Publish based solutions for the web to print market.



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Hi Raminmd,

please check out http://www.2imagine.eu/
This solution can integrate with almost every storefront-system, and it is based on native Indesign-files, where the access to the elements is controlled by layers with specific naming-conventions.

Best regards

Chris De Clercq - Lab9.be



Pay attention to Alt-team Product Designer tool. If it does not work for your business, contact us at manager@alt-team.com to discuss the details. I'm sure that we can offer you the solution you like.


I recommend you to choose DesignNBuy's responsive product design studio to customize products online. Get a free personalized demo to experience the feature rich online design studio. You can add text effects, fonts, colors, images, clip-arts and to drag, rotate, flip, resize and customize them in multiple ways.
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You can check our most stable & award-winning Multiple HTML 5 Designer Studios. It is available with flexible Web Services Based Plugin so you can integrate with or multiple storefronts. Also you can lock/unlock, edit all elements within a studio depending on your product & target audience strategy - Multiple Online Designer Studios - Web2Print Storefront | OnPrintShop

We can also customize the base solution depending on your requirements & goals. Feel free to contact us if interested for more information.

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