Independent Test Reveals Canon Colorado 1650 a Standout


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Keypoint Intelligence has released a Field Test Report, assessing the Canon Colorado 1650, 64-inch roll-to-roll printer. Across all categories—image quality, usability and speed—the printer obtained exceptional results. According to Keypoint, "An all-round impressive performer, the Colorado 1650 is a standout choice for virtually all wide format printing applications."

The 1650 was found to be 3X faster than the competitive average, across each quality mode tested. In addition to speed, the printer's automatic maintenance, user replaceable components and on-the-fly ink replacement features were all recognized as contributing factors for its increased uptime & faster turnarounds.

According to Keypoint’s endorsement, color images were cited as being "routinely vibrant, while delivering exceptional neutrality in black-and-white half-tones." In addition, "the Colorado 1650 delivered superb PANTONE color accuracy, generating Delta E00 measurements no greater than 2.32 on average, across 15 corporate colors".

See the full report here: Canon Colorado 1650 Field Test Report.


With regard to one aspect of this report- the discussion of Pantone spot color performance is in some ways not very meaningful because a CMYK inkset is inherently limiting in reproducing many Pantone colors with less than 3 DE2000 difference. Also, the report mentioned only in-RIP human perception-based iterative post-profile matching corrections, with no mention of external software tools that do post-profile ink build optimization.

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