Job won't import/export through Rampage Pathways


New member
We recently moved our Rampage Servers, and now we can't import/export through PATHways (on Mac OS X). PATHways gives the following error....

RemoteExport 1280883304224 Done (with Errors)
Error : Unable to convert NT/MAC filename! Possible causes:
Error : Unmounted volume,
Error : File/Path not found or Invalid Name/Path,
Error : (Make sure NT Explorer is not focused on this path).
Error : Wrong network client loaded, wrong NT Server permissions (rights),
Error : or Bad/missing Unix mapping file.
Error : Jobs to Archive:pathways Exports_PJs:

RemoteExport 1280885384200 Done (with Errors)

Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanking everyone in advance for any help!

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