Komori to Acquire Equity Stake in MBO


Staff member
Komori has signed an agreement with the MBO Group for a 100% equity stake, with the aim of making it a Komori subsidiary.

Founded in 1923, Komori has been engaged in the manufacture & sales of offset printing presses as its core operation, and is currently pushing ahead to transform its business structure and expanding their marketing. Komori has been focused on developing a Print Engineering Service Provider (PESP) model since 2009.

MBO’s operations—specializing in the manufacture & sales of post-press equipment—do not overlap with Komori’s. Through the equity stake in the MBO Group, Komori expects to be able to market unique PESP products that will support its future business plans, and to introduce post-press solutions for commercial printing and post-press processing.

Komori believes that both companies are well positioned to complement each other. Going forward, Komori will strive to bring together technologies and networks offered by both companies in the field of post-press equipment marketing.

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What about Profitability?
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