Kongsberg cutter question...


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We have a Kongsberg Flexihead cutter in our shop and I have been tasked with finding a way to instruct it to cut out irregular shapes printed/imaged on a substrate. We know it can do this because there are several such shapes included in the training folder to be utilised in various tutorials in the training manual. I have two questions—

Why is it that whenever I try to open one of these .acm files in the Kongsberg software per the instructions in the training manual I get the following error message—

critical input warning 2006: illegal value in command (—>help.esko.com):N4P2

and then having solved that mystery how do I go about creating one of these .acm files with an irregular shape that the Kongsberg will recognise?

We are wanting to create a file with irregular shapes, print it on a digital press, and then have the Kongsberg cut it out. That’s the project in a nutshell and any light that can be thrown on the above issues and any guidance that can be thrown my way is appreciated.


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