Konica C6501 and polyester/plastic paper


Thank you for the suggestions. The big question is whether I can get this paper in the Maritimes. Our suppliers don't always carry these specific type of papers. If there is a supplier here that you deal with, e.g. Unisource or The Paper House, then let me know.



Where exactly in America are you? I am a manufacturer and distributor of my own Hop-Syn Synthetic paper. Please let me know need and I can help you out.


Synthetic Stock

Synthetic Stock

Check out the site below...They have created synthetic, re-positionable, and many different types for that will run on most production KM devices. They have a sample pack that they could send you that was run on the C8000 and it looks great. They are making these stocks to also run on the KIP KC80 Product...Waterproof and made for toner products.
You wont be disappointed. It's been a great product and helps sell the C8000 with its great added value the VDP arena.

Fusion Digital Paper :: Synthetic Paper Great for Your Waterproof, Decal or Sticker Paper Printing Needs


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Use MGI Meteor DP60
hope someone can still reply. How are you able to print tyvek 56gsm / 73gsm on MGI Meteor 8700? we've lowered fusing temperature, lowered upper and lower roller temperature, and the substrate still melts or endless paper jams.

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