Konica Minolta Bizhub PRO C6500 Question?


We are looking at purchasing a second hand Konica Minolta Bizhub PRO C6500 to run short run greeting cards, wedding booklets & flyers etc. This will be our first digital machine is the c6500 a good place to start

What would be a fair price to pay for a second hand unit with the following configuration:
Bizhub PRO C6500 (done a total of 2.3million copies)
PF-601 Paper Feed Cabinet
DF-609 Direct Feeder
IC-303 Print Controller (External)
PI-502 Post Inserter
SD-501 Saddle Stitcher
FD-501 Multi-Folding Unit

The machine has been fully maintained and serviced by Konica Minolta since new. We would be looking to put the machine under a maintenance contract with Konica. What is the expected print life cycle from these machines?
Many thanks for your help.
We sold a similarly configured machine a few years ago for $10k.
I've seen them cheaper recently.

A few things to consider....

How many prints per month do you expect to make?

Konica will likely price color clicks over 7.5 cents each on a used machine like this.
Plus you'll have to pay out of pocket to bring it up to like new condition before the contract starts.
So, you could be out a couple thousand in developer units, drums, etc.
You could also have to pay for shipping on the machine itself.

All that versus getting a new machine with click rates slightly under 5 cents, and no initial service investment.

(Monthly Payment of New Machine) / (Used Machine Click Rate - New Machine Click Rate) = The amount of clicks per month where going new makes more sense than used.

Example: $1000 / (0.075 - .048) = 37,037

If you figure you'll be using far less clicks than the result of that equation, go used.

Also, see if there are any independent service guys in your area. They generally charge much less than Konica direct, and on a machine like the 6500, parts and knowledge are readily available to all.
6500's are a good digital machine. They have a few issues and things you need to look out for in order to get a great looking job (ie 6500's hate light solids so its best to try and avoid those when you can)

Your general life span of a 6500 is going to be 17-20 million copies so yours has plenty of life left in it


dear Sir
we have koniva Minolta c6500 we changed 4 days ago machine developers
then machine vent to error code c2424 ,...
please help us for solve it.
6500 needs lots of constant maintenance so be sure to have a provider who will not keep you waiting around. Sounds like for what you're going to run the quality should work out good. Large solids are a problem on that machine, lots of streaks unless just after maint. was preformed.
We have two Bizhub C65HC for sale, we've got these units from the leasing company as repo, both machines had around 230K clicks, one with CREO RIP another with Efi Fiery Pro 80, we starting using a little bit the one with CREO in our printshop, little by little, we're at 308K on the machine right now, aside for couple paper jams, there was not a single need to service it.
These units are pretty much a beefed-up Bizhub C6501P with High-Chroma toners, 80000 pages trouble free - I would not call it "need a lot of constant maintenance" nowhere near that...
C-2404 is error to do with Black color developing, the book states the following: The erase lamp / k (EL/K) set status can not be detected. Estimated abnormal parts: Printer control board (PRCB) and/or Erase Lamp / K (EL/K)
You're posting to a wrong forum. This is not a forum where equipment service engineers hanging out at, guys here are professional and semi-professional (like me) users / printers mostly, in plain words - this forum is for professional drivers not mechanics :)
Good luck.


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