Konica Minolta C4065 vs C4070


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I know they are new but does anybody have experience with either of them. C4065Print vs C4070Press.
Upgrading my C1060 to something else. One has press behind the name, the other has print. Is there that
big a difference between them? Thanks for any info


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The C4065 is the replacement for the C3070L (light production) engine. The C4065 can only use a single LU-202xxx paper deck, I.e. cannot use the PF-707m air fed units. On the output side, it is restricted to a finisher, you can’t fit relay units, IQ-501 or any of the inline finishing modules.


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Correction to above having checked the updated KM configurator... you can have a single PF-707m on the C4065, whereas on the C4070 and C4080 you can have up to three PF-707m paper decks. On the C4070 and C4080 if you also want an LU-202xlm (long input) then you can only combine with a single PF-707m.

I would attach the KM configurator active PDF but the file is too large to attach, although I expect it will be in the public domain before too long. Meanwhile, if anyone wants it, PM me your email address.
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What @Ynot_UK said. The C4065 is the lightweight version of the C4070/80. I also don't think the higher-end Fiery would be available on the 4065. In my opinion, the PF-707 air-feed trays and the IQ-501 are well worth it.


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