Label printing advice


Hi guys,

Looking some advice on label printing...

Our company recently got labels printed to put on each box we send out to our customers.

Labels are white, 62mm circle with solid colour background and white area being left for the logo/website name.

Currently we are using approx 1000/month. This will ramp up to approx 1000/day in the lead up to Christmas. Obviously this gets expensive fast when outsourcing.

Basically I am wondering is there a cost effective way for us to buy a print/cut device that we can install and run our own labels on? It could also be something we would be able to then offer to customers through our site at a later point.

I have spoke to 1 supplier and they recommended a Mutoh VJ628, but it's a bit more than what we were anticipating to spend right now.

We are based in the UK.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.


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Any knowledgable printer would cut you a far finer deal for an order of 50,000 labels than for 5,000.

I would imagine you could easily find someone to produce 6,000 labels (500 sheets of 12 labels each) for about €300. For 60,000 you'd probably pay about €1,000.

I would advise: do NOT get a machine for this. Just find a printer who will do the work at a price that is fair to both of you.


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You are talking less than 2 cents a label that is directly proportional to a sale. I don't know why you would consider producing them in-house. You would never be able to produce them for less. Order them on rolls and get dispenser boxes so that you can apply them with little effort and save on labor.


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I agree with both gregbatch and davarino, stick with are getting charged a premium per label because you are only ordering 1,000 at a time right now and they most likely have to run it digitally. While 30,000 per month may seem like alot to you, this is a more reasonable run size for a label printing company to do on a flexo press, and your cost per label will go down significantly. If you can count on several months needing 1,000 per day, get quotes for 2 or 3 months supply and the cost per label will keep going down. A real digital label press and finisher will be exponentially more than the Mutoh you were quoted. There is also quite a learning curve to printing labels on rolls which is not justified at 30,000 per month.


Guys, thanks for the replies. It does now not make sense to go with the in-house production. I think I just needed to hear someone else confirm it for me! Cheers!

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